Friday, June 22, 2012

January 2012 Recap

The year started full of hope, and with a amazing winter, really if Utah's winter was always like that I wouldn't mind living here so much, but I know this is just teasing the idea of us moving out of state, I couldn't find much pictures from this month, but its probably because a lot of times Brad places our pictures on his laptop, and that is pretty much the end of the story.
 Hooray this year Brad is not traveling as much, and that definitely makes me happy, more family time= happier wife/mom.
 Did I mention before that I'm the YW 2nd counselor, I think I was called in November, I love it, however I never new that it is so much work and it takes so much of your/my time. To tell the true, I don't quite feel qualified for the job, I never saw myself as a leader, and now I have so many girls looking up to me, but qualified or not I just truly enjoy it and feel that I have learned and spirituality grew so much in such a small period of time
 Brad started hosting an open mic fight every Friday in Orem, he films the finalist, has a celebrity judge and cash prizes. If you live in Utah Valley and like music, you really should go check it out, its really neat and amazing talents. However, really how many hobbies can my husband keep?! Well guess I just love him and like to make him happy by supporting his dreams.

Here is some family fun skating at the Peaks ice Arena, the girls absolutely loved it, and Bella impressed us on how well she did, she loved trowing the walker away from her and running to it, it didn't matter how many times she fell, she would do it over again, by the end of the day, she didn't want the walker and went all the way around ring with out the walker and no help.

Here is a little of my creation, I had this fabric for about a couple of years, I know, I have a really heard time trowing fabric scraps away. It was less then a yard so I couldn't do much with it, but after a couple of years I had this great idea, tiered skirts, why didn't I think of that before?
The Girls where so excited to finally get to wear them
I LoVe those skirts, and I really can't quote the cost here, because everything I used, I already had so probably around 6 hours of work ( no pattern, had to come out with measurements on my on) and $0
oh, and this little one really need new clothes, says her mom Gabi, so she got one too :)
And those are another set that I made by the end of the month Bella's "the green one" wasn't done in the picture yet.
conclusion: both skirts, no pattern, 4 hours, around $5 total

And that was our month of January, unless Brad has something else to add that I may be missing out...

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