Monday, July 2, 2012

February 2012

The Very first week of February Brad had to go to San Francisco, Cali and of course we had to go with him! We first stopped in Reno to break up the trip, then in Santa Rosa where Brads brother Bryce and his sister Paige and their families live, we stayed there for 2 days and it was so nice to visit with them. I couldn't find the pictures, I'm sure Brad probably has them somewhere!

The day before we left Sis. Hunter the YW president was so sweet and stopped buy to bring us to go treats and coloring books for both girls, "I love my ward, everyone is so nice!" Anyways, the girls loved their markers and coloring books, it kept then entertained the whole way there, but at the end of the trip I looked back and I saw that Bella got tired of coloring her in the book!

Is there anyway you can be mess up this girls face, I wanted to complain, but none of us could help it, and we bursted out in laughter! Good thing they where washable, they wiped right away.

The Hotel we stayed in San Francisco had this amazing view "below", so while dad would go to work, we would go downstairs and explore.

Bella collecting rocks

My beautiful girls

Gabi and her rocks collection

Happy girl

Daddy and Gabi flying kites

Daddy loving his baby

Mommy Loving her baby

Gabi being "danger girl" and climbing the rocks
Now if you ask what was the high light of our month, most of our family would say - San Francisco- But not Gabi, for most of you that knows Gabi, knows that her most favorite holiday is Valentines, and because of that, we try to make a big day for her. Daddy had to go to Snowbird the week we where back, just on Sunday to Tuesday, but that fell right in to Valentines so we had to push our valentines to one day later and do it on the 15th and not tell her, or it would be a big disappointment, probably just as much as Santa Claus not showing up on Xmas. But gladly she believed us and we had an amazing valentines! And yes Daddy did spoil them letting them have their chocolates before breakfast.

Happy Girls!

My Happiness!

My life! Now we had a better family picture than this one, but I thought it was so funny  how Gabi and I and Brad and Bella look alike

Our traditional holiday sugar cookies, ( I'm terrible at making sugar cookies, but the girls love  it...)

We have such a nice time together, that I can't go with out making them

Downtown, I don't really remember what we where doing there, but I remember having a good time :)
They love each other

Do you allow your kids to take toys to bed with them? I felt like I would be a mean mom if I didn't let them, but this was getting out of control, her toys were pushing her out of bed, and she did fall a few times in the middle of the night, besides, if she woke up in the middle of the night and couldn't find a toy, she would freak out and cry until somebody came to help. So I had enough and after a lot of work I was able to get to only 3 toys of reasonable size allowed, so they doesn't get lost easily.
But I know I need to be careful and put my foot down because the collection is starting to get big again

This beautiful Girl has been asking to cut her hair short for months and months but we didn't want to. Finally I agreed and and we just had to work on daddy. Daddy was totally against it but we did it anyway, you should see her excitement, she was so happy and giggling, that won daddy over. She flipped her hair back and forth and looked in the mirror over 100 times. 2-3 hours later came the true "Girl Drama" she missed her hair and cried, and sobbed, and refused to get out of her room the next day, pleaded with us to glue her hair back on, and swore that she wouldn't come out of her room until her hair was long again, it didn't matter how much we told her how beautiful she looked.
Then mom pulled out her computer and got all the pictures of  little girls with short hair do's that we could find, so she could pick all the ones she liked. and after that she was okay with it. she wasn't quiet sure if she liked her new hairdo, but she wasn't so sad anymore, thank goodness!

I had cut my hair too and did bright highlights, I have no make up there, so it really isn't my best picture, and the light is bad, but my sister had insisted at the time for a picture right away and that's the only one I have.

This beautiful girl also got a her cut, but only 3 inches out, and because her hair was so long we really can't tell, but because I was taking those pictures with my phone to send to titia Vivi she was really sad that I wasn't including her...

Friday, June 22, 2012

January 2012 Recap

The year started full of hope, and with a amazing winter, really if Utah's winter was always like that I wouldn't mind living here so much, but I know this is just teasing the idea of us moving out of state, I couldn't find much pictures from this month, but its probably because a lot of times Brad places our pictures on his laptop, and that is pretty much the end of the story.
 Hooray this year Brad is not traveling as much, and that definitely makes me happy, more family time= happier wife/mom.
 Did I mention before that I'm the YW 2nd counselor, I think I was called in November, I love it, however I never new that it is so much work and it takes so much of your/my time. To tell the true, I don't quite feel qualified for the job, I never saw myself as a leader, and now I have so many girls looking up to me, but qualified or not I just truly enjoy it and feel that I have learned and spirituality grew so much in such a small period of time
 Brad started hosting an open mic fight every Friday in Orem, he films the finalist, has a celebrity judge and cash prizes. If you live in Utah Valley and like music, you really should go check it out, its really neat and amazing talents. However, really how many hobbies can my husband keep?! Well guess I just love him and like to make him happy by supporting his dreams.

Here is some family fun skating at the Peaks ice Arena, the girls absolutely loved it, and Bella impressed us on how well she did, she loved trowing the walker away from her and running to it, it didn't matter how many times she fell, she would do it over again, by the end of the day, she didn't want the walker and went all the way around ring with out the walker and no help.

Here is a little of my creation, I had this fabric for about a couple of years, I know, I have a really heard time trowing fabric scraps away. It was less then a yard so I couldn't do much with it, but after a couple of years I had this great idea, tiered skirts, why didn't I think of that before?
The Girls where so excited to finally get to wear them
I LoVe those skirts, and I really can't quote the cost here, because everything I used, I already had so probably around 6 hours of work ( no pattern, had to come out with measurements on my on) and $0
oh, and this little one really need new clothes, says her mom Gabi, so she got one too :)
And those are another set that I made by the end of the month Bella's "the green one" wasn't done in the picture yet.
conclusion: both skirts, no pattern, 4 hours, around $5 total

And that was our month of January, unless Brad has something else to add that I may be missing out...

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

8 years...

8 years ago at 12 pm this day, was the most absolutely wonderful, positively perfect, especially terrific day, its was the day i sad yes among many witness to my best friend.

Yes ,we do still look at each other this way!
Sweet husband as you have witnessed with our daughters being a little girl is all about fary tales and role plays, pretending to be a mommy to their baby dolls, playing family, princesses, etc.

When was a little girl, I too loved to play make believe, I imagined myself being a princess (Cinderella of course) and knew that one day my prince would come, in my dreams you were handsome, tall and blue eyes, I knew you would be loving, understanding, my best friend and a great father to our 4 beautiful children 2 girls and 2 boys, and that we would get married on the beautiful castle of The Salt Lake temple, people would laugh whenever they asked me where I would get married, it just didn’t make sense, living in Brazil, but I just knew it, I knew that thats the way my story would be played, I knew that it was natural to have disagreements in a marriage so I tried to visualize that, but we would quickly make up, haha, I'm laughing as I’m remembering this, but the point is my little girl dream came to reality, its my life, and you helped build it, we are living my dream.

8 years ago I married this tall handsome blue eyed guy( you should be brunette, there I was way off), of my dreams, you are my soulmate, my best friend.
8 years ago my prince took me to the castle of the Lord and made me his Queen
2 years and 4 years after being married to you, magic was brought to our lives with the birth of our two princesses, and you became the most terrific father any little child could ask for.
It has being 8 enchanting years, full of laughter, magic, blessings, trials, etc, but our story still goes on this is a story without ending, I don’t know if our story will still be played the way I visualized (2 boys) quite frankly our girls are amazing, like you have said, I wouldn't be upset if we didn’t have any boys either, the truth is, I am very pleased with the way it has turned out so far, and truly look forward to live all eternity with you.

Thank you my love for helping me live this dream.

PS: if anyone is wondering about our disagreements or fights, it is just the way I imagined it, it doesn’t last very long, the longer that I can remember took almost 24hrs :)

We are back!!!

Yep, it's being over 2 years, I wish I could restore my old blog, for the longest time I've being trying to get google to give me access to it, but no luck there.
Brad asked me why I wanted to go back to blogging. Well I miss being able to look back and count my blessing by seeing my beautiful family growing. My goal is to keep a jornal of my family here, with at least one post per month.
Life is getting so good and so much better then those last 3 years that I feel ready to be back here. Don’t get discouraged by reading those next three post because there are lots of cute pictures and a lot of good things happening now, and that’s why I'm back, I want to register here those hard times so I can be greatful for the today!
From the bottom to the top will be a flashback of 2009 and them the following posts will be 2010 and 2011,
2009, 2010 and 2011 where really hard years, but 2010 was truly the worst year of my life. On those next 3 posts I will do a little recap of those three past years. A little resume of the hard times will be written, and some good memories will be on the pictures that I’ve found.
Soon I will be posting pictures by month, stay tuned !

Monday, June 18, 2012

Flash Back 2011

2011... Still in the mud!
Things started to look brighter for us in the beginning of the year, but we still felt like we where stock in the mud. 
Brad's job got better by only having to travel, about 2 weeks to 3 weeks out of the month, and the big plus is that we got to go with him to a few close places.
However, there were definitely hard times! check the list:
  1. Got denied in an home modification
  2. We had to sell our cars to get out of our loan, (good and bad thing)
  3. JULY
    • My Grandma died of Colon cancer
    • My Brother had to leave to Brazil
    • My Cousin was killed in Afeganistan only 11 days after my grandma passed away
  4. Our house is for short sale
  5. Brads Grandma died on Christmas eve

But I definitely have good memories that I would like to register on the pictures below, enjoy the overload ;)!!

New Years we spent with our great friends Jaque and Brian and their beautiful girls, our girls BFF,
We acctually had quite a party planed with other great friends, but they bail on us last minute! Shame on you  Jefferies and Ruanos!
Just a cute picture of the girls enjoying the bubbles at Nannies :)
Valentines is always a big deal in our house hold, its Gabi's favorite holiday!
Memorial Day
Gabi's Preschool Graduation, 
This sweet princess had a sad face the entire ceremony, when it was over, I asked her what was wrong, she said that she was emotional, that she was crying of happiness! 
princesses being princesses
Band recording
Story time under the stars

Now this Family knows how to party!!!
We have so much fun when everybody is together!
this is too funny, Sad I couldn't find the one with trio "Wesley, Paulo and Rennan" dancing, if someone in the family have please send it to me, I would like to post it.

We can't miss out on the Karaoke 


Gabi riding her two wheels, she learned way to fast, then winter came, now she is to afraid of trying :(

Bella's Magical unicorn rainbow Bday # 3
My girls

4th July
The Cousins

Saying good bye to titio Wes 
My dear grandma "vovo" died after suffering and fighting for so long 

My Cousin Rapha, our Hero, friend, will always be remembered and missed, his contagious laugh still echos in my mind, thanks for paying the ultimate price for us!
R.I.P 08/23/1989 - 08/17/2012
Scramjet Fist show in Park City
7 Peaks, Brad's work party + Scramjet show
Scramjet Show
Watching Daddy play while enjoying the wave pool

Date night, Zip lining through Provo Canyon, SO MUCH FUN!

Drinving to Colorado and a stop on the way to see one of our favorite people!
sad that they leave so far away :(
Those girls are in haven when they get to play with each other
Pretty view on the drive through the Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado
On our drive to Colorado I was quite bugged with Brad that he decided to add 2 hours to our trip  to drive though  the Rocky Mountain National Park, besides having to pay $20 just to drive through, we had only a few minutes of sunlight and we where all tired, so I told him that I better see a bear to make my $20 worth, sure enough on the end of the park we stopped to eat and there was a bear on the trash can of the restaurant we where only a few feet away in our car, it was pretty cool!
In Colorado brushing the horses before riding them with untie  Suzy

Monster bash for Gabi's Birthday
Gabis and her Ghouls
this little vamp was so excited to get her first electric guitar!
Trick-or-treats at Grandma Billies Place. She also left us this year on Xmas eve,  she always  gave the warmest hug, we will miss you Gradma!
The girls and their pumpkins, we decided to paint us this year, Bella did the Minnie mouse and Gabi the bat "Count Fabulous "
But daddy wanted the traditional one and had his carved
I was always against the idea of eating all the Halloween candy in one day, so we are over with it, but every  year we have this dilemma, and I didn't want to be the "mean guy" this time, so I let Brad win the battle. Well it result in this poor little one vomiting all night long, I had to change her sheets 6 times in the first night, dad left in the morning out of town for work and I was left with this sick baby, throwing up for 3 days, + one trip to the ER. $380 later and no sleep for mama, my husband agreed with me that its not good for them to eat this much candy at once!
Our little family at the Haystack

Harvesting our grapes for the first time
Stomping Dont worry I made sure to really scrub those feet before placing there :)
My handsome Husband
Enjoying the Pure concentrate Grape juice, the most amazing taste ever! and this is coming from someone that doesn't like grape juice

Another concert at The Velour in Provo

The Family on Thanksgiving
 Nannie had lots of fun craft activities for the kiddos
The Girls

The traditional Family Fall Picture, but this time not professionally done and on winter and not Fall, so not the best, but I could not miss out in showing off my work, the girls out fit and mine (about $50 total, the most expensive and the biggest headache so far!)

So proud to present my beautiful Girls

First snow!
Decorating Xmas Tree
(Family tradition, Daddy gets to watch and  the girls get to decorate it)
Baking+decorating Gingerbread man
Some more cooking making
Girls with Santa, Gabi asked for Doodle bear and Bella for Cookie (the fureal pet)

Nannie opening her present

Making more cookies, for Santa this time
Girls on Xmas Morning

Wow Santa left Foot prints in our fire place!

New Years
What a party with out dress up?
and Karaoke?
Or wii?