Tuesday, June 19, 2012

8 years...

8 years ago at 12 pm this day, was the most absolutely wonderful, positively perfect, especially terrific day, its was the day i sad yes among many witness to my best friend.

Yes ,we do still look at each other this way!
Sweet husband as you have witnessed with our daughters being a little girl is all about fary tales and role plays, pretending to be a mommy to their baby dolls, playing family, princesses, etc.

When was a little girl, I too loved to play make believe, I imagined myself being a princess (Cinderella of course) and knew that one day my prince would come, in my dreams you were handsome, tall and blue eyes, I knew you would be loving, understanding, my best friend and a great father to our 4 beautiful children 2 girls and 2 boys, and that we would get married on the beautiful castle of The Salt Lake temple, people would laugh whenever they asked me where I would get married, it just didn’t make sense, living in Brazil, but I just knew it, I knew that thats the way my story would be played, I knew that it was natural to have disagreements in a marriage so I tried to visualize that, but we would quickly make up, haha, I'm laughing as I’m remembering this, but the point is my little girl dream came to reality, its my life, and you helped build it, we are living my dream.

8 years ago I married this tall handsome blue eyed guy( you should be brunette, there I was way off), of my dreams, you are my soulmate, my best friend.
8 years ago my prince took me to the castle of the Lord and made me his Queen
2 years and 4 years after being married to you, magic was brought to our lives with the birth of our two princesses, and you became the most terrific father any little child could ask for.
It has being 8 enchanting years, full of laughter, magic, blessings, trials, etc, but our story still goes on this is a story without ending, I don’t know if our story will still be played the way I visualized (2 boys) quite frankly our girls are amazing, like you have said, I wouldn't be upset if we didn’t have any boys either, the truth is, I am very pleased with the way it has turned out so far, and truly look forward to live all eternity with you.

Thank you my love for helping me live this dream.

PS: if anyone is wondering about our disagreements or fights, it is just the way I imagined it, it doesn’t last very long, the longer that I can remember took almost 24hrs :)


  1. Beautiful post Vanessa, Brad is one blessed man to have you. I think you are amazing!!

  2. Aww.. this is so beautiful an sweet!! Congratulations to both of you. I love you guys:)