Monday, April 23, 2012

2009 flash back.

2009 started by
  • My Dad staying hospitalized while they were in a middle of finding apartments and moving, I was had to deal with looking for a place for them to live, drive my mom back and forth to the hospital etc; 
  • My 2 year old (at the time) nephew Gil fall of a second story window to a concrete floor ( miraculous he was sent home after a few weeks with no scars);
  • My brother was taken to prison (after failing to sign left for longer than 3 seconds! long story)
  • I end in the hospital (hyperventilating, TOO much stress for me to handle I guess!)
  • And to add the cherry on top, my husband was unemployed for 6 month

Family Fall Pictures
(Every year for the Thanksgiving I make the girls and  my self a new outfit, I spent less then $30 on this project)

My little Balarina

Sunday, first fall leaves (I was working at Target)


My little daredevil as soon as she started waking she started climbing

Morning cuddles on mommy's bed

Gabi 3rd B-day (can't find bellas ): so sad )

Halloween with out Daddy

Gardner village

Pumpkin Patch

Girls San Diego Vacation for my Bday

 Messy Babies!

Nothing better than an Ice cream in a hot Summer day!

Decorating thanksgiving cookies

This is my Bella she is so mischievous, Vaseline is the very worse thing to clean off ! And that wasn't the first time it happened!
on the side note its great for eczema, she had really bad eczema and after spending a lot of money in prescription and other expensive creams I found out that vaseline will smooth a rough skin in only a night! 

Once again getting messy!

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