Thursday, April 26, 2012

Flash back 2010

2010 Starts with...
...hope, my husband gets employed doing something he loves to do, Teach, and he calls it a blessing at the time, I called it a Curse. Now you must be asking, why? how ungrateful! well, a lot people did tell me I was ungrateful, even my husband still does.
Here is why!...
  1. This job required Brad to travel 80% out of the year, he left almost every sunday afternoon or morning and would come back every friday night or even saturday, in the 4th or 5th week he didn’t have to travel, but still needed to go to the office, leaving before 7am and back around 8pm, while he was gone I was left at home with a 18 month going on terrible twos, and a 3 year old,
  2. My beautiful Bella was such a hard baby, her curls really spices up her personality. I had to deal with her climbing out of the crib and not sleeping at night, (it took me over 3 months of trying every single technique out there to make her sleep on her own and staying on her bed/crib ( it took Gabi only 2 days!)),
  3. I also had to deal with potty training her, (if I didn't place her on the potty she would get her duty diaper and spread all over carpet, walls, sheets, etc. And trust me I did try everything I could to keep her diapers on. I wasn’t ready this time, but she didn’t give me a choice).
  4. I was so scared of sleeping alone, sleeping in a town home is so hard because of the noises next door, but besides that, the week Brad started traveling a Cop came to my house and told me that the was a lot of house burglary going on on the area, he checked my door and showed me that someone did try to break it in but was unsuccessful, but to be careful. My alarm did go off a couple different nights in the year and I did call the police in the middle of the night.
  5. My relationship with Brad wasn't the best anymore, it didn’t help that he was traveling all the time, staying in nice hotels, hanging out every night, eating out of restaurants, having different religious views, going to school every saturday for 4 hrs, and somehow finding time for band practice every week, and besides all that he was only making a little more than half of the salary that he was making before.

I called it a curse because I complained of the year past, it wasn't nearly as heard as this one, but somehow I survived, and the job got a little better, by the end of the year he didn’t have to travel as much, it was more like 3 weeks out of the month and a week home.

Now to the good memories...
Reading to her baby

Chuck E. Cheese's

My beautiful valentine baby with her amazing morning hair!

My other beautiful princess with make up on the eybrowns =D

Play Date with good friends

Daddy's B-day ( with an mazing blueberry tres leche cake, made by me!)

Bella enjoying the spring weather

At the zoo for Daddy's B-day

Daddy's Graduation day Happy day for all of us!

Bella's 2 Birthday, Summer parties are the best!

at the Fair

Coloring eggs

Beautiful girls with amazing dresses made by Mommy (total cost under $30)

Disney World, Amazing Adventure!

Watching the World cup at Braza Express downtown

oh so cute cousins celebrating the 4th

Gabi's first day of school
Gabi's 4th birthday

ScramJet getting the first recording 

Fall Family Pictures Girls outfit under $40, compare with chasing fireflies, fur vests $78 ea and skirts $88 ea

Christmas eve with good friends

And this picture is to make a tribute to myself, for surviving such a hard year with a smile!

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